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1915 – 1995. Josep Suñol Collection

20.05.2007 - 05.01.2008

When it was decided to put the Fundació Suñol collection on show to the public, coinciding with the opening of its new headquarters in Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona, the idea was to divide it according to content, not necessarily chronologically, but more representative of a random conceptual journey. Owing to the number of works in the collection, the first show included a selection of the most representative pieces dating from 1915 to 1995.

When it comes to deciding the exhibiting format of a collection, the usual ideas present themselves: a chronological tour or groupings by artistic tendencies. Although it is true that a historical time frame leads to a fairly logical reading, it is also true to say that history is not exactly linear. Interferences, coincidences, ruptures confrontations and so on are the phenomena which come into play positively and negatively in relatively short phases of history, leading to an extremely wide range of artistic expressions.

On this basis it was decided to set up a discourse where these “conceptual particles” would be present, even though it may seem to be out of step time-wise. The backbone of the visit was chronological, but with several inserts or breaks from invited artists which made it possible to get closer to the essence of the Josep Suñol collection.

Photos: Roberto d’Lara