25.10. - 22.12.2007

ACT 1 deals with observation. Observing is looking at something attentively and implies paying attention, examining, contemplating, noting, noticing and watching carefully. Observation supposes a reciprocal operation in the behaviour of the subject and the object. Observing is something done to obtain visual and intellectual information and knowledge on what is happening. It is about looking with interest at what is happening around us.

Observation of a work of art continues to be the basis of the artistic experience, as much from its creator’s standpoint as from the spectator’s point of view. Staging an exhibition has to be a visual narration where artist and critic organise the works according to an argument and outline a circuit of images which the spectator first has to discover and later assimilate, bringing the cognitive circle to a close.

Antoni Abad, Roman Buxbaum, Luis Frangella, Federico Guzmán, Joan Leandre, Glòria Martí, José Noguero, Joan Rom, Idroj Sanicne, Abu Ali*Toni Serra and Zush/Evru.