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ACT 22: JOANA CERA BERNAD, No varying sizes

08.03. - 28.04.2012
9 March, 2012 – 28 April, 2012 all-day

This symbolic installation pays tribute to the Earth and contrasts its purity with humans’ excesses in the way they treat it. The artist carries out a ritual action in which she asks the Earth for help to combat the current situation.

The installation takes shape on a 24 m2 floorspace covered first with a layer of newspapers, symbolising the overkill of our world; on top of this the artist lays 330 bars of clay and then 72 randomly scattered crystals that are not handled during the setting–up process. The work also includes a video exploring the process of setting up the installation – the heart of the ritual of the piece.

The installation process is seen as a ritual and forms as much part of the work as the finished piece.

Joana Cera Bernad (1965) lives and works in Barcelona


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