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ACT 31: THIBAULT BRUNET, From 0 to 1 – From 1 to 0

26.02. - 25.04.2015

Thibault Brunet‘s works Typologie du virtuel and Vice City propose a series of reflections on current technological and philosophical aspects and environments. Through his artistic practice, the author investigates the relationship between the real and the virtual. His work makes us realise the scale of the manipulative potential of mixing up these visual orders and implementing them massively in the fabric of everyday objects for media consumption.

The exhibition is organized around models and types of representation of architecture in video games and on the network. From these elements, Brunet invites us to reconsider our perception and experience of the territory and the motivations of current aesthetic canons, highlighting the interdependence between seemingly distant elements such as cognitive mechanisms, computer programming, artistic experience and economic and political interests underlying the dominant patterns of urban development.

Curated by: Luca Pagliari and Salvatore Elefante (PHEED)


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