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LUIS FRANGELLA. La jarra vertiente o Máquina de dibujar

27.09.2011 - 28.01.2012

La jarra vertiente o Máquina de dibujar, [The Gushing Jug or Drawing Machine] brings together thirty-two pieces by Luis Frangella (Buenos Aires, 1944 – New York, 1990) created between 1980 and 1989. It aims to show a selection of work by this genuine, immanent artist whose work walks a fine line between abstraction and a constant challenge to figurative art.

He creates a lucid, subtle universe that matches his own perception of the relationships between objects and their proportions, in a never-ending search for the original truth of things. His laboratory-workshop became a rich source of ideas and a permanent powerhouse for learning, from which he could sound out the world and transform what he perceived.

The Fundació Suñol presents the work of Luis Frangella, an artist present in the Josep Suñol Collection, to reveal the silent expressionism of an artist whose premature death impeded his knowledge but who deserves our wholehearted admiration and respect.

Curated by: Marisa Díez de la Fuente

Photos: Peggy Weil and Pau Aguilar