CORRESPONDÈNCIES is an educational programme addressed to Primary schools, Secondary schools, A Level (Advanced Level) and Trade schools. The project is based on the ongoing exhibitions and aims to generate a letter exchange between schools and the foundation in order to facilitate art learning experiences beyond a single guided tour.

The letters burst into classrooms as a disruptive element proposing challenges that have to be responded by the students in a creative way. It fosters observation, debate, dialog and experimentation around key subjects that tend to encourage imagination, esthetic experience and critical judgement.

Because contemporary art is the art of our time, it helps us to think, explore and imagine our world from a different point of view. That’s why we believe that contemporary art is a transversal educational resource that can be approached from many different topics or areas.

Download the attached files to see more about the project:

Correspondències – Italia: I sei sensi

Correspondències – ACTE 35: Tatiana Busto Garcia. Paisaje en fuga

Correspondències – Camins encontrats: Joan Rabascall

Correspondències – Fernando Vijande. Retrat: 1971-1987

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