We organize activities to generate spaces for encounter and exchange, as for contemporary creation, aimed at a plurality of audiences from a collective, creative, reflective and critical perspective.

Dialogue between Valentín Roma and Ángela Molina

29.01.2020, 18:30

On the occasion of the exhibition Known Masterpieces, Fundació Suñol organizes a conversation between Valentín Roma and Ángela Molina around the masterpiece status in contemporary art.

Guided tour to Known materpieces

12.02.2020, 12:00

On the occassion of the Festes de Santa Eulàlia, Fundació Suñol organizes a visit to the exhibtion Known Masterpieces conducted by the fundation’s team.

Family workshop. The unconnected materials

Mònica Planes

14.02.2020, 17:00

With so many people up and down, some boxes have been found that nobody knows who they belong to. We need your help to solve this mystery!

How many betrayals are necessary to make a contemporary classic?

Raül Garrigasait

26.02.2020, 18:30

To achieve the contemporary classic status an artwork must face the conflicts of its time. This activity offers a reflective tou to Known masterpieces.

Past activities

Check the activities that Fundació Suñol has done since its opening. A variety of options including visits, workshops, conferences, courses or shows, among others.