We organize activities to generate spaces for encounter and exchange, as for contemporary creation, aimed at a plurality of audiences from a collective, creative, reflective and critical perspective.


We flow! Sound, movement and drawing

Familiar workshop

02.12.2023, 11:30

Family workshop on the occasion of the exhibition Andar con el río by the artist Eva Lootz. The drawings, made with semi-automated movements, are the result of the relationship between the body, the environment and the objects that surround it.


Guided tour

Walking with the River. Eva Lootz

21.12.2023, 18:30

We invite you to visit the exhibition Walking with the River by the artist Eva Lootz with the help of a member of the educational team of the Fundació Suñol.


Walking with the River

Adult Workshop

04.01.2024, 18:30

Within the framework of the exhibition presented at the Suñol Foundation, to create this workshop we started from the idea of ​​drawing as a medium that transports us to other places, or also as a meditation process.