We organize activities to generate spaces for encounter and exchange, as for contemporary creation, aimed at a plurality of audiences from a collective, creative, reflective and critical perspective.


To serve the invisible

Poetic recital online

On June 10, the Fundació Suñol organized a poetry recital under the title To serve the invisible. Now we present you a recording of this recital, so that you can enjoy this activity at home.


Dialogue between Martín Vitaliti and Rafel G. Bianchi

27.07.2021, 19:00h

On the occasion of the closing of the project The Idea of an Image of Martín Vitaliti (Buenos Aires, 1978) we invited the author to have a conversation with Rafael G. Bianchi.

Guided tour to Everything Solid Fades Away in Spanish


22.07.2021, 18:30

Fundació Suñol organizes a visit in Catalan to the exhibtion Everything Solid Fades Away conducted by the fundation’s team.

A poetics of use: Making use of the library

An intervention by Antònia del Río

Antònia del Rio has selected extracts from books of the library of Fundació Suñol referring to the construction of historiographical discourse on the artist as genius and works of art considered to be masterpieces.

Past activities

Check the activities that Fundació Suñol has done since its opening. A variety of options including visits, workshops, conferences, courses or shows, among others.