At the Fundació Suñol we believe in the close relationship between artistic practices, methodologies and education, which is why educational programs are a primary axis of our activity. Through them, and with the collaboration of the Fundació Glòria Soler, we aim to provide resources and generate meeting and exchange spaces around contemporary art, aimed at a plurality of audiences from a collective perspective teaching, creative, reflective and critical.

Our lines of action are aimed at generating links between life and art, while encouraging meaningful, experiential and competence-based learning. We seek to develop processes of observation, reflection, dialogue and creation in the participants, as well as respect and active listening. We plan the activities, whether face-to-face or online, as triggering the desire to continue discovering, researching and sharing.

One of our axes is to generate accessible, inclusive educational projects that promote equal opportunities. For this reason, we continuously review our installations and proposals, we get help from expert entities when conceptualizing them and we offer them free of charge to centers of high complexity. We also seek to guarantee gender equality in our activities and make the women of the Suñol Soler Collection more visible.