Poetic recital online To serve the invisible


Poetic recital online

To serve the invisible

The exhibition (that can be visited until 30th july 2021), aims to explore the visual status of abstract languages, in times of proliferation of hyper-technical images, through a collection of works that use abstraction as a working methodology. The pieces that make it up challenge us beyond the logical paradigm and expand the perceptual field to poetic and evocative terrains. For this reason, a selection of poets was commissioned to create specific poems in dialogue with some of the works of the Suñol Soler Collection. The resulting poems were placed on the cardboard corresponding to each piece, occupying the place reserved for aseptic and neutral information. This action used the cardboard in a creative sense to expand the views on the exhibition, to investigate the poetic content inherent in the works and the curatorial proposal and, ultimately, to explore the complex relationship between word and image.

A digital collection of poems has also been published for the occasion, where you can read the poems made expressly within the framework of the Cartelas Poéticas. You can consult it in the “Download” section of this same page.