Act 25: Luz Broto Occupying a grandstand

Act 25: Luz Broto

Occupying a grandstand

21.03.2013 - 18.05.2013

It is a video piece that documents the action organised by Luz Broto at Canòdrom Meridiana, Barcelona’s former dog track, on 1 December 2012. Thanks to the work by organisations and associations in the Congrés neighbourhood and surrounding area, some 300 people filled the grandstand in this closed space that has been disused since 2006. The action aimed to recreate a past situation by returning the dog track to its use as a meeting place, thus stressing the dysfunctional nature of the grandstand in its current context, both socially and architecturally. A public space closed off to the public was occupied by a very varied crowd mobilised by the building’s recent history.

Luz Broto (Barcelona 1982) lives and works in Barcelona. She graduated in fine art and has a master of advanced study for the course Art in the Digital Age. Intermedia Creation from the University of Barcelona (2007). She has carried out specific projects at 2 galeristes, 299 artistes… (Estrany – De la Mota, Barcelona, 2012), Performing Politics (Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin, 2012), Die Fünfte Säule (Secession, Vienna, 2011), 2011 Lumens (Museu de Valls, Tarragona), Impossibilitats (Fundació Guinovart, Lleida, 2011), BCN Producció (La Capella, Barcelona, 2010) and Oscuro y salvaje (Inéditos, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2010), amongst others. She has taken part in group exhibitions such as BIAM’12 (Lo Pati, Amposta, 2012), Jonge Spaanse Kunst (Apparetement Elisa Platteau, Brussels, 2012), La qüestió del paradigma (La Panera, Lleida, 2011) and 5×5 Premi Internacional d’art contemporani (EAC, Castelló, 2011). She has won production grants from Masterplan (LIPAC, Buenos Aires, 2013) and Fundació Guasch Coranty (2006), a predoctoral grant for research training (2007-2010) and the Miquel Casablancas award (2010).

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