Eva Lootz Walking With the River

Eva Lootz

Walking With the River

28.09.2023 - 02.03.2024

The artist will be exhibiting a series of newly created works, in which the influences of her stay in Japan in 2019 can be seen, where she connected with the Haikus of Matsuo Basho, the walking poet, for whom she has always felt a great affinity. The result is lines that gradually turn into shapes and present us with his everyday life, and which speak to us of how our body relates to the environment and the objects around us.

This works will be completed with a series of larger format drawings in black and white, such as ‘Sketches for outer space’, ‘Time’ or ‘The undifferentiated background of consciousness’, in which the first names of 20 women creators from the late 19th and 20th centuries appear.

Eva Lootz was born in 1940 in Vienna, where she studied fine arts, musicology, film and philosophy. In 1967 she moved to Madrid, where she became one of the leading names in Spanish sculpture in the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. His work, which includes installations and sculpture, as well as photography and video, revolves around two main themes: matter and language. Although he began working with materials such as cotton, earth or seeds, over time he incorporated a reflection on the places of extraction and the treatment of minerals and raw materials, the routes of exchange and the social and cultural effects they provoke, as well as the mark they leave on the landscape and language. Matter, ecology, territory and gender are some of the concepts that have been at the centre of her production. In 1994 she was awarded the National Prize for Fine Arts. Eva Lootz is one of the leading artists in the Suñol Soler Collection, which holds two of her works from the 1980s.

OPENING: Thursday, September 28 at 6:30 p.m.