Anaisa Franco Circulatory System

Anaisa Franco

Circulatory System

Anaisa Franco presents unpublished material of her project Circulatory System (2017), an installation based on a software for mapping and visualizing air traffic data designed to be projected on a spherical balloon.

In the same way that the blood circulates and transports the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the cells, air traffic produces a continuous flow of events, conditions and energies that determine life in the framework of a global world/system.

For the Shortcut version, the artist presents a kinetic painting where every flight scheduled on any given day of the year 2017 is represented with a color line, from the point of origin to the airport of arrival. This way, she traces a planetary pre-pandemic cartography.

The project, taken to the present, questions the methods of representation of the world and reminds us that maps are physical, mental and emotional images in continuous transformation.

Check the video of the realization process of the piece Circulatory System (2017)

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