First part Dialogues

First part


13.08.2009 - 03.10.2009

The dialogues take place between works by the following artists:

Salvador Dalí – Joan Ponç
Juli González – Anthony Caro
Jean Arp – Lucio Fontana
Alexander Calder – Joan Miró
José Jardiel – Manolo Quejido
Shichiro Enjoji – Luis Gordillo
Sean Scully – Juan Uslé
Alberto Giacometti – Joan Rom
Antoni Tàpies – Jaume Xifra
Pietro Consagra – Luis Gordillo
Zush/Evru – José Noguero
Nino Longobardi – Manolo Valdés

As visitors move around the exhibition, they will find a wide variety of different dialogues, depending on the work in question, its form and the materials used, what it represents and its historical context. The conversations sparked by the selected works offer an excellent visual reading of the leading trends from the twentieth century.

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