On glass Martín Vitaliti – The idea of an image

On glass

Martín Vitaliti – The idea of an image

04.03.2021 - 30.07.2021

Martin Vitaliti (Buenos Aires, 1978) presents a piece based on Joan Hernández Pijuan painting Gran espai daurat (1976), through which he proposes new shifts in perspective and speculations around the enquiries of different tendencies in experimental painting since the ‘seventies.

Continuing on from those artist’s explorations, the work of Martín Vitaliti excavates languages to subvert their specific characteristics and broaden their limits. Vitaliti’s work for the Fundació Suñol, specifically conceived for the large window at the entrance to the space, began with Vitaliti’s encounter with the original work at an exhibition on Joan Hernández Pijuan more than ten years ago at the Fundació.

His intervention is woven with the threads of memory, and the reflections and fragments intrinsic to the act of remembering that particular conjunction. Yet this project also negotiates the fragility of memory, gaining weight and space in an architectural space that is also porous, a frontier; in an operation that ultimately impels us to question the visual regime, to agitate our own perceptual field and open it up to new meanings.


Fragment of the curatorial text written by Patricia Marqués. You can read the full text in the following document:


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