Dionís Escorsa The inside-out balcony

Dionís Escorsa

The inside-out balcony

The inside-out balcony is a series of drawings made during the confinement that show the artist’s home without outdoors space: the windows and balconies have been turned upside down and are no longer open to the streets of Barcelona’s Raval but to a multiplicity of interiors in which natural and socio-political reality becomes a ghostly presence.

The apartment has become an infinite continuum of communicating compartments, where masked ghosts stage unstructured tragedies, distorting the meanings of place, identities and cultural memories.

Shortcut is an online exhibition program showing pieces specifically made for our website by a selection of artists.Being restricted and feeling distant from the museum visit experience, we enable these virtual alternatives to support artistic production and to keep on creating access to knowledge, reflection and transformation. The Shortcut series feeds from artworks and unpublished material that explore and question the limits and potential of digital mediums as exhibition platforms from a critical point of view.


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