Neus Frigola To Overflow, To Sustain and A Volcano of Water

Neus Frigola

To Overflow, To Sustain and A Volcano of Water

06.06.2023 - 26.07.2023

Among the different meanings that the dictionary assigns to the word ‘overflow’, there is one that refers to the occurrence of unexpected events, ‘exceeding the limit of what has been set or foreseen’, and another that describes an expansive movement outside of the margins, ‘get out of the edges, tip over’.

Embracing drawing, collage, sculpture and installation, the practice of the artist and art therapist Neus Frigola (Girona, 1991) is often the result of intuitive and contingent processes, of open and adventurous material experimentations. Her works derive from naturally porous explorations, traversed by lived experience or collectively.

One could speak of overflowing inspirations, which do not set limits to the possibilities of imagination and forms and which, therefore, invoke the unexpected and surprise. From exercises in the invention of images that refer to human, animal, vegetable, mineral bodies, to microscopic or macrocosmic conglomerates, to systemic chains, support structures, to open circuits for emptying and collecting fluids… or none of this.

Going beyond the limits of what is fixed and leaving the margins, the artist seems to invite us to overflow and adventure, to abandon a pre-established intellectual reasoning in favor of an embodied experience (that passes through the body), sensitive and situated.

Curated by: Carolina Ciuti and Anna Penalva

OPENING: Tuesday June 6 at 7:00 p.m.