Josep Suñol Collection On paper


Josep Suñol Collection

On paper

21.03.2014 - 09.01.2015

Perhaps this interest was sparked by the spontaneity afforded by paper. Or maybe because preliminary sketches for later works can hold the key to understanding what goes through an artist’s mind as they create an image. Or because such a vast array of specific techniques can be used with paper, including drawing, printing, photography and collage, as well as many pictorial techniques.

Whatever the reason—or probably a combination of them all—the collection contains works on paper by Spanish and international artists that show the central role this medium played in art work in the last century and, above all, reveal its ability to become a medium in its own right rather than merely a tool—albeit a vital one—for preparatory work.

The 20th century not only saw a large number of isms burst onto the scene almost simultaneously; it also gave rise to many more ways of working with a wide range of materials on any kind of medium. Given this context, it isn’t surprising that paper acquired a higher status, above and beyond being a useful medium for studies, as the definitive medium to work with and a material in its own right.

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