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Within this framework, we offer a dialogued visit to our current exhibition designed in collaboration with Associació Susoespai, as well as the possibility of making a free visit. These activities are addressed to groups that are part of the Apropa Cultura network and reservations are made through its website. 

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On this visit we will travel through the cosmos of Zush, a creator who follows what Fernando Pessoa wrote “Be as multiple as the Universe”. In this exploration we will discover aspects that remain anchored in the artist’s gaze, mutable aspects that are the result of transitory states of consciousness, and aspects that travel through time and transform.

Zush creates his own constellations, as an exercise in documenting his experience, and invites us to ask ourselves:

What is reality?

As Pessoa would say again, «Life is what we do. The trips are the travelers. What we see is not what we see, but what we are.

Come with your group for a visit-workshop to the exhibition at the Fundació Suñol, where we will see the works of this artist, we will travel to his universe and delve into his constellations, to end up creating a work that explores our own worlds.

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Exposición: Zush en Ibiza

The Fundació Suñol presents a monographic exhibition dedicated to Zush, an artist present in the Suñol Soler Collection, focused on the period in which the artist lived on the island of Ibiza, between 1968 and 1983. The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with the Museu d ‘Art Contemporani d’Eivissa, where the exhibition could be seen between the months of June and November 2022.

The years in which Zush lived on the island of Ibiza, 1968 to 1983, were a time of extreme creativity for the artist, who experimented with a wide range of formats and techniques such as fluorescent paint illuminated by black light. This exuberant diversity of artistic proposals is reflected in the current exhibition, that displays a selection of works in the space formerly known as Galeria 2, the present venue of the Fundació Suñol, where in 1984 Zush began his two-year artistic residence.

The Suñol Soler Collection possesses one of the most important groups of works by Zush/Evru, that boasts over three hundred registered works, and reveals the ties of friendship and admiration between Josep Suñol Soler and the artist.

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