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Apropa Cultura


Within this framework, we offer a dialogued visit to our current exhibition led by a member of our team, as well as the possibility of making a free visit. These activities are addressed to groups that are part of the Apropa Cultura network and reservations are made through its website. 

If you are a social entity and you do not know Apropa Cultura, find out how to join in the following link.

The dialogued group visit

In the group visit, we propose a dynamic dialogued based on your own observation and your interests: you will be the ones who mark the route and the topics that you want to discuss.

To begin with, we suggest you walk freely around the room, calmly, observing and enjoying the different works that you will find at your own pace. After a first observation, you will choose, in group, the four or five works that attract your attention the most, those for which you are most curious, those that you find most attractive, or the most disturbing … From here, we suggest you that we look at the works together, discuss them in group, interact with them freely and, after all, learn and enjoy together.

Find out about the current exhibition

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Act 2. Everything solid fades away

Our current exhibition presents twenty-one pieces from the Suñol Soler Collection with one feature in common: all the works show an abstract style. Abstraction, in painting or sculpture, is characterized by a taste for open, imprecise, indeterminate, non-figurative forms that do not recall anything in particular or that recall many elements at the same time. This suggestive character, full of possibilities, has fascinated artists of all times who have used abstraction as a language for their creations.

In the exhibition, therefore, you will find works by many different artists, from different periods and styles, who understand abstraction in multiple ways: investigating shapes, exploring with colours, working with textures or proposing open themes.

For this reason, there is not a single abstraction, but many, and each one points a different path. It takes opening your eyes and mind to discover the possibilities and let your imagination guide you.

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