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SUMMER WORKSHOPS – Educational leisure time at Fundació Suñol

02.07. - 31.07.2018

Summertime is coming and the Fundació Suñol offers two different workshops addressed to the catalan educational leisure time organisations, esplais and casals.


Who wants to travel to an island when you can make up a new one? Come to our foundation and imagine a new island based on the smallests details that forms it: bright and little stones that you find walking at the seashore, winding seaweeds that move graciously, dancing trees to the rhythm of the gentle breeze, wild plants that grow caothically… any of these things will be useful as a source of inspiration in order to create our own paintings.

Workshop related to the exhibition Patricio Vélez. Las formas del tiempo

METROLOGIES… Or Measuring the Impossible

Come and learn how to measure intangible concepts such us friendship, love or happiness. Also you can help us to rethink our own exhibition room… we’re sure that after years working here you make us discover a lot of new things.

Workshop related to the exhibition ACTE 39: Antoni Abad. medida X medida. 1992’2015

These workshops are offered only in Catalan or Spanish. Sorry for the inconvenience.