Dialogue between Martín Vitaliti and Rafel G. Bianchi

Dialogue between Martín Vitaliti and Rafel G. Bianchi

27.07.2021, 19:00h

The idea of ​​an image is a specific work that occupies the entrance window of the Suñol Foundation. Part of the experience of encountering the painting of a reference, which Vitaliti himself was able to discover in the monographic exhibition that we dedicated to Joan Hernández Pijuan more than a decade ago. Based on the painting Gran espai daurat [Great golden space] (1976) by Joan Hernández Pijuan, Martín Vitaliti proposes new movements and speculations on the investigation that began in the 1970s by various currents of pictorial experimentation. An artist who takes over from those explorations, Martín Vitaliti’s work delves into languages ​​to subvert their particularities and widen their limits.

The conversation will be articulated, therefore, around fundamental concepts about painting, representation and visuality regimes.

Date and hour

Tuesday, July 27 at 7:00 p.m.


4,00€ (payment in cash the day of the visit)

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