More GREC at Fundació Suñol

More GREC at Fundació Suñol

09.07.2016, 18:30

Within this initiative, we are pleased to present Several figures in the same place, a performance by Bea Fernández and Carmelo Salazar created specifically for the Nivell Zero of the Fundació Suñol. Two subjects within the same space, a unique body affected from different places, Several figures in the same place shows an unfinished body, that doesn’t stand in advance, but constantly changes and emerges in relation with the space.

Bea Fernández
Is cofounder of Las Santas collective and artistic co-director of La Poderosa, a contemporary dance creation and research laboratory which has been recently awarded by the 2016 Barcelona City Awards. She works as a performer and choreographer and usually collaborates with the coreographer Carmelo Salazar in works such us Espaciales or El salón dorado. She’s currently working in Muy experimental, a research project that has produced different pieces such as Este lugar entre (2016).

Carmelo Salazar
Is choreographer, dancer and performer. He’s been artistic director of La Porta artists collective, founder of Teatron and co-director of LP Dance Festival in the 2007, 2009 and 2011 editions. He develops, creates and teaches in different workshops at important dance centres like La Poderosa, Àrea School, La Caldera, Valencia University and Barcelona Autonomous University. He currently works within the digital and audio-visual artistic field.

Sponsors and collaborators

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