Tom Carr

Sense títol, 1990

Tarragona, 1956

An outstanding artist of the eighties, Tom Carr is a sculptor and painter, and one of the most relevant artists in the field of installation and architecture.

His works show a desire for balance between concepts and form, ideas that have evolved throughout his production. This evolution can be seen in his sculptures, where he used more traditional materials such as wood, creating more architectural forms representing staircases, arches, towers, etc. As time went by, the creations became more luminous and the pieces reflected a synthesis of elements, achieving greater expressiveness using cylinders, helicoids or spirals. Other key concepts in the artist’s production are space and light, generating a dialogue between space and movement. Carr’s language contains a multitude of artistic references to the European avant-garde, especially to the Russian constructivist school, as well as to the work of artists such as Calder and Tatlin.

The Suñol Soler collection preserves a part of the production of the eighties, with diverse works that show this characteristic representation of stairs and cylinders.