Luis Gordillo

Piscina azul, 1971

Sevilla, 1934

Luis Gordillo studied Law at the University of Seville, and in 1955, he began his training in Fine Arts at the School of Santa Isabel de Hungry in the same city. Later, he traveled to Paris where he met the informalist avant-garde, a key trend in his evolution as an artist.

While his first stay in Paris is marked by the inspiration and influence he will receive from artists such as Antoni Tàpies, Wols or Jean Fautreier, it will be during the second stay when he will begin to develop an automated technique, which we can observe in works such as the series Dibujos telefónicos. During this stage, he will be influenced by artists of figurative style like Francis Bacon or Pop Art like Andy Warhol. In the seventies, he made a series of exhibitions where we can appreciate the passage from Informalism to figuration with influences of Pop Art, as we can see in the work Cabezas Rosas (1977). During the eighties, he works more and more in series, such as 5X5 c, d y e (1981), where he makes several small format paintings that form a set, giving more and more space to the pictorial surface.

In 2010, the Fundació Suñol dedicated to him a monographic exhibition called “Untitled (provisional)”, which showed the artist’s creative process.