Antonio Socias

Dibujando un paisaje con puesta de sol, 1984

Inca (Mallorca), 1955

Academically trained in the field of painting, Antoni Socias stands out for his ability to freely cross the borders between artistic disciplines, also working in photography, video, sculpture or writing. In addition, a constant in his career is the reflection on his work itself, which becomes the raw material for new pieces, in processes of experimentation and reuse, starting from the cut and the fragment. With these concepts of anthropophagy and autophagy, he represented Spain individually at the XXIV International Biennial of São Paulo in 1998. The Suñol Foundation preserves his work Justificación Derecha, where remnants of previous pieces are framed and lined up to the right, like a visual poem. Precisely, in the work of Socías the preeminent feature is the work process itself, giving the works a strong conceptual charge, regardless of the medium used.