Act 39: Antoni Abad measure X measure. 1992’2015

Act 39: Antoni Abad

measure X measure. 1992’2015

10.05.2018 - 08.09.2018

In 1992 Antoni Abad met Josep Suñol in the building of Passeig de Gràcia that later became Fundació Suñol, but back then it wasn’t open as a museum. The artist had the opportunity to discover the Josep Suñol Collection at its early developing stages. He did an installation with measuring tape all around Butaca (1987) –an Antoni Tàpies’ piece of art that belongs to the Collection, which was exhibited at that time. This piece will be shown again at Nivell Zero along with many other works from Antoni Abad.

The curator of the exhibition, Eugeni Bonet, added an original text from 1995 that describes Abad’s work called Pesos y medidas that has been rewritten for the occasionThere will also be a downloadable online publication on the website with all the information and content shown in the exhibition.

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