Act 28: Muntadas/Franch Exhibition devices

Act 28: Muntadas/Franch

Exhibition devices

16.01.2014 - 22.03.2014

The exhibition presents eleven projects by Antoni Muntadas that were produced in whole or in part with Enric Franch. It aims to stress the dialectic relationship of creator/designer and artist/museographer over the course of almost thirty years and reveals the mechanisms and factors that lie behind putting these exhibitions on. The solutions agreed by the two creators make it easier to read the work artistically, to communicate the piece and to create the different exhibition devices. The show also analyses the way some of the projects are shaped by certain factors, such as an institutional space or a specific context, among others.

The catalogue includes a transcription of the in-depth discussion that Antoni Muntadas, Enric Franc, Valentín Roma and Antoni Mercader (curator) held on the relationship between the artist and the designer.

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