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We are organizing a session based on the exhibition Twenty Faces and Three Crowds where we will talk about the human face as a memory, but also as an expression and reflection of the human being.

The activity is based on four art pieces from the Suñol Soler Collection that the educator will take to the residence hall, as if it were an extension of the exhibition. The proposal is organized in two sessions. On one hand the treatment of the human face both in works of art and in the memories we all have through domestic photography, and on the other hand we will talk about the self-portrait in art, and by extension about how we see ourselves.

This is an activity designed specifically for groups of elderly people, with mild, moderate or no dementia which promotes cognitive development based on the memories and oral expression of the participants ’experiences.

Where is this activity carried out?

In your retirement home, daycare center or your preferred space. We will visit you!

How is it organized?

It is organized in 2 sessions of 1 hour each session, to be done within a week. The groups must have a maximum of 8 participants, and in order for the activity to be efficient for everyone, we recommend booking two visits for the same day, so that the educator holds two sessions in the same morning with two different groups (for instance one at 10am and the other at 11:30 am)

What do we need?

During the activity, it is necessary to have the presence of a professional from your center, a projector or television where to project the images, a table or counter where you can place the easel and the art pieces that we will carry, as well as a quiet space where to develop the sessions.