In Three Acts Twenty Faces and Three Crowds


In Three Acts

Twenty Faces and Three Crowds

22.09.2020 - 23.12.2020

Act 3. Twenty Faces and Three Crowds

The third and final act, Twenty Faces and Three Crowds, goes into the great iconographic motive of art, the element that questions the chronologies and brings to this day the verisimilitude of the whole past: the human face.

The face is memory and is also a literature of what has been lived. In it the experience is written and the future is intuited. A face that looks with restlessness demands that we decode it. A face that conceals its appearance seems to manage its certainties.

The Josep Suñol Collection has petrified faces and dilated faces, recognizable faces and fading faces. The twenty faces selected have their counterpoint in three crowds that observe and accept them. Along with the loneliness of the face looking for causes to be, we find the crowd rehearsing reasons to be recognized.