Erwin Bechtold

Colònia, 1925 - Eivissa, 2022

Erwin Bechtold graduated in printing, following the family business. Years later, he travels to Ibiza, where he arrives for the first time in 1954, and settles down definitively in 1958, after passing through Barcelona and getting in touch with the group Dau al set. At the same time, he also traveled to Madrid, where he met some members of the group El Paso. Once settled in Ibiza, he creates his studio and founds the Ibiza 59 Group, formed by a group of foreign artists.

At the beginning of the sixties, his paintings contain organic forms, which in 1966 led to the introduction of geometric forms in his work. In the mid-eighties and early nineties, he developed what would become his mature style, deepening the relationship between the concepts of angle, surface and space. Bechtold said that his works resembled himself, and that the large gestures, which were sometimes continuous, or the more austere colors, reflected his personality. His studies in printing led him to work as a graphic designer for thirty years, creating, among others, the covers of the publishing house Destino. Another of the fields in which he was involved was interior design, a discipline in which he was awarded and recognized on several occasions for his intervention in the city of Barcelona, receiving in 2010 the honorary FAD award.