Federico Guzmán

The sound of business, 1988

Sevilla, 1964

Federico Guzmán was born in Sevilla in 1964, the same city where at the end of the eighties appears an artist’s generation who revolutionized the Spanish artistic panorama. Some of these, known as Nueva Figuración Sevillana, claimed the format of painting in front of the conceptual and abstract trends that was dominant over the Spanish artistic panorama since the seventies. Among these artists we find Guzmán, one of the younger members, appeared through the gallery La Máquina Española. Even so, his work is mainly influenced of seventies American conceptual artists, because his work will originate an art idea like a transformative tool of society.

It is important, above all, his color treatment, full of optimism, vitality and tenderness through a reflection on actual society under metaphorical works. His works about the exchange of ideas through electricity or phone lines are examples of this. But his stay in Bogotá between 1997 and 2000 makes him think about his connection with nature, something that we can note in his following works. Nowadays, his paintings talk about oneiric and personal worlds by mean of geometrical proposals.

List of artworks

The sound of business , 1988

The sound of business , 1988