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Our proposal for primary school seeks to bring children closer to contemporary art from an experiential perspective, starting from their interests and adapting to their pace. Throughout the school year we will expand our specific offer with new activities and formats.

Do you want your students to learn what a museum is, which tasks and which professional profiles are necessary to produce, conserve, exhibit and disseminate works of art?

The Fundació Suñol proposes a discovery activity aimed at children of all primary school levels. Unlike other proposals more focused on the thematic content of each collection, How does a museum work? is structured around children’s interests and questions. In line with Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Question, they will be the ones who will mark the themes that we will deal with during the visit.

The activity, which can last between an hour and an hour and a quarter, includes access to a space that is not normally visited: the reserves of the Fundació Suñol, where some emblematic works of twentieth-century art will be shown.

High School


We currently offer three educational proposals that can be carried out in different formats:

A. Autonomous capsules in interactive pdf format (including a guided tour facilitated by the educational team of the Fundació Suñol).

A format designed for teachers who wish to work on the subject in the classroom and on the street before and after the visit. The capsules are available online and are designed to be used in the classroom and worked on in groups.

B. Dialogued visits facilitated by the educational team of the Fundació Suñol.
Designed for those teachers who do not have time to delve into the topics raised in the classroom and/or are looking for a more tancat format.

We offer two types of guided visits:
b.1 Face-to-face visits
b.2 Online visits

Each proposal is accompanied by indications for teachers about possible activities before and after the visit. Final evaluation questionnaires for students and teachers are also included.


What would a wild animal look like? How do we learn to domesticate it? What is lost in this process?


Starting from the work of Luis Gordillo, Fina Miralles and Zush, we will let ourselves be driven by our subconscious to create untamed images.And we will lose control of our drawing, in an exercise of trust in the other and of unlearning to draw.


Tags: Automatic Drawing, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism.

Related artists: Fina Miralles, Luis Gordillo, Zush

Alphabets, numbers, timetables, calendars… We structure our life around ordering systems. But these parameters do not respond to natural laws, they are conventions that we have created. What if the structures that regulate reality were others? What if we were to invent new ones? Thinking new systems for new possible worlds…


We will base ourselves on this utopia, typical of 20th century avant-garde art, to play and question how we order our experience of the world.


Tags: alphabets, organization systems, informalist art, conceptual art.

Related artists: Gastone Novelli, Zush, Alighiero Boetti, Manolo Millares

Art with money proposes an alternative, creative and experimental use with artistic purposes of one of the most determining materials of our lives: money. Based on the work of artists such as Ignasi Aballí and Zush, Art with money aims to debate, through reflection and play, a phenomenon that conditions our existence and that we take for granted.


Tags: Conceptual Art, Economy, economic Systems, local currency.

Related artists: Ignasi Aballí, Zush


Sponsors and collaborators

Fundació Glòria Soler Fundació Bosch Aymerich


Si estáis interesados en participar o deseáis recibir más información, poneos en contacto con nosotros por teléfono 934 961 032 o mediante el siguiente formulario: