Art of uncertain times. Maria Luisa Caturla

Art of uncertain times. Maria Luisa Caturla


All the baggage that she collected through her travels is the substrate from which her most important work is nourished: Art of uncertain times, a project that began to develop from different texts written since 1929 and that was finally given to the press. In 1944, through the famous Revista de Occidente. It is a strange work for Spanish postwar, a book in which we can trace through its artistic reflections the weltgesit of those years; energy to which she permanently alludes and which continues to be a translation of Bergson’s élan vital passed through the sieve of his Ortega formation. Her evocative title, which may seem so close to us, was born from the contemplation of relief by Jean Arp, in whose sinuous forms, new then in avant-garde art, she saw a symptom of the collective uncertainties of the 1930s. This reflection will be the starting point of a constant game of analogies, of a coming and going through time and history as a zigzag, in which similar anguish and transitions emerge.

The Fundació Suñol collaborates in this exhibition with the cession of the artwork Jean Arp’s Bourgeon sur coupe for the occasion.

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