Eduard Arranz-Bravo

Sense títol, 1991

Barcelona, 1941

He studied at the College of Fine Arts in Barcelona, after a year of uninterrupted painting in Paris. In 1966, he made a decisive exhibition under the title New Expressions, which will make critics, refer to his work with the term New Figuration, although he does not feel part of it.

In the seventies, and for ten years, he maintained an important collaboration with the artist Rafael Bartolozzi, a period in which he painted the exterior murals of the Tipel factory and the Magalluf buildings. Arranz-Bravo was also present in the cinematographic field, being in charge of the artistic direction of the film Luces y Sombras (1988), which earned him the award for best artistic direction from the Generalitat de Catalunya. This will not be the only film project in which he will participate, as he will continue to make other films, even getting involved in the scenography. In 1991, he began to frequent the city of New York and in 1992, he exhibited at the Universal Exhibition in Seville, in parallel to various international exhibitions that he inaugurated during those years.

The Fundació Suñol has several works by the artist, both pictorial and sculptural, as well as some etchings, mostly from his period in the seventies and eighties.