Rafael Bartolozzi

Pamplona, 1943 - Tarragona, 2009

During the first fifteen years of his career, he collaborated with the artist Eduardo Arranz-Bravo, a period in which his work focused on neo-figuration and Pop Art, becoming one of its best exponents in Spain. It is also during this period that he carried out one of his most relevant interventions, the decoration of the exterior walls of the Tipel factory, together with Arranz-Bravo.

The Suñol Soler Collection treasures several works from this period such as Suite Verano (a) (1975) or Figura gran rosa (1978), among others. From the eighties onwards, the artist made a personal reading of the Italian transvanguarda, among other movements close to abstraction, as can be seen in the work Figura con teléfono (1980) from the Suñol Soler Collection. At the end of his artistic career, he shows a renewed style, with a combination of colors, textures and his own graphics.