Intrusive Dialogues. Everything is the present

Intrusive Dialogues. Everything is the present


What are the dialogues? Who are the intruders?

We present you with a free, open and permeable aesthetic experience, which allows us to become accomplices to the Intrusive Dialogues between contemporary creations of the second half of the 20th century and permanent collection artworks selected from over 1,000 years of history. Encounters that, through analogies or contrasts, or even through both at the same time, speak to us and challenge us to rethink our own lives with questions that only we can answer.

Here everything is the present, including the heritage that we will discover if we are able to sense it from the standpoint of today. The temporal and cultural logic has been deliberately broken down to evoke some of the great timeless issues of human existence.

This proposal stems from the public-private collaboration between the Museu Nacional and the Fundació Suñol; a further step in building the country’s artistic heritage around post-war art and the second avant-garde.

Open yourself up to the dialogue and dive into this project, which goes beyond the linear narratives of classical museography and frees us from the corset of academic models. A new way to visit the collection that is much more subtle, stimulating and provocative.


Evru/Zush. Zeyemax. Detail, 1974. Col·lecció Suñol Soler © Evru/Zush, VEGAP, Barcelona, 2020

Cercle del Mestre de Pedret. Absis de Santa Maria d’Àneu. Detail, finals del s. XI – inicis del s. XII. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya