Patricio Vélez Las formas del tiempo

Patricio Vélez

Las formas del tiempo

26.04.2018 - 08.09.2018

Patricio Vélez studied architecture in Quito, Barcelona and Paris, but shortly after obtaining his degree, painting became a priority in his life. His first solo exhibition took place in 1977 in the Ciento gallery in Barcelona. His works are like atlases or mental and sensory cartographies of the natural world. Their author likes to say that they are “transfigurations of nature”.

The vegetal world is the base fabric of his work. In it, a framework populated by signs is formed in which every stroke organises and creates images of rich ambiguity. This in turn strikes a balance between a near and at the same time distant vision, resulting in a sort of “landscape writing”. He very often creates different works around a same theme.

In the exhibition we present some of these “variations”, which in certain cases become narrative sequences. In much the same way, we can observe that the exhibition addresses the constant matters of the visual arts: colour, line, surface, chiaroscuro, fragmentations and analogies, amongst others.

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