In Three Acts Everything Solid Fades Away

In Three Acts

Everything Solid Fades Away

06.10.2020 - 30.07.2021

Act 2. Everything Solid Fades Away 

The second act, titled Everything Solid Fades Away, is a journey through a group of works that allow us to understand the extent to which the abstract pulsation did not exhaust its limits; on the contrary, perhaps it is still the language form that measures the artists’ effort to understand chaos without the will to domesticate it.

We tend to think abstraction as a reversed purity of reality, like that part of what is invisible that we can finally “see before our eyes”. In the same way, we appreciate the painter or the abstract sculptor who has dared to synthesise in a gesture, in a stain and in a torsion of matter those impulses that animate the world. However, it is also possible to hypothesize that time is the thing that registers non-figurative works, that what is documented by those who practice abstraction is a fleeting moment, a kind of flicker in which even what is solid also fades away.

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