Lucio Fontana

Concetto spaziale natura, 1960-1961

Rosario (Argentina), 1899 - Comabbio (Itàlia), 1968

Lucio Fontana was one of the most unique artists of the 20th century. His aesthetic positions place him somewhere between abstraction and expressionism, although he is primarily known as the founder of Spatialism or Movimento Spaziale, a visual tendency that is grounded in the White Manifesto, which Fontana published in the 1940s. This current proposed the exploration of three-dimensional values in painting to move beyond its two-dimensional character and expand its limits. In consonance with these ideas, in 1958 Fontana began to work on his best-known work, slicing stretched canvas. These works involved monochrome paintings cut with a razor blade or cutter, with the incisions allowing the viewer to see the back of the painting and the stretcher frame, conjuring a notion of depth. Yet Fontana also worked in sculpture, a less-known aspect of his production.

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